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Greetins, my name is Erinn O'Donnell. Ah'm a fairy. Ah don't grant wishes and Ah don't do anything special, Ah just make things grow and sometimes make things change. Got a lot of magic in me but I dunnae how ta use it most a the time. I'm pretty old, yeah, know a lot of stuff. Don't know a lot of stuff too. Nice tae meetcha, anyways. Feel free to drop a message if ya wanna talk ta me.
(Independent RP blog for OC Fairy!Ireland from Hetalia. Will RP with just about anyone. M!A: None)




notice how all my life problems start with s

  • school
  • steven moffat
  • supernatural

you missed a spot:

  • sherlock

and don’t forget:

  • sdoctor who


Sweden altering his cloths so Finland has stuff to wearimage

Sweden being philosophical


Sweden blushing because he’s embarrassed






America’s stomach is like the TARDIS, it’s bigger on the inside.


reblog if you AREN’T homophobic!!!

(16 glee gifs)

(gif of dumbledore dancing)


(gif of a person with a rainbow coming out of their mouth)

(gif of spongebob with a rainbow)


(picture of girl with rainbow hair)

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Meenah you are missing out

also if this song is legit supposed to be composed by Cronus then I really want to hear the rest of his music


Except that Cronus is KNOWN to be prone to lying and making bullshit up.

He probably just edited the audio or the pitch a SMALL amount and called it his own music. Like some people do.

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Billie Joe talking about the stolen record “Cigarettes and Valentines”

A tired sigh escaped Erinn’s lips as she handed the customer their coffee, accepting their payment without a thought. Customer after customer, transaction after transaction, coffee after coffee. The warm smell of the ground coffee was starting to get to her head, losing its appeal. The smell irritated her now, the deep, rich notes in all the different kinds. It was giving her a headache. The morning went by in a haze, Erinn put off her normal regimen. Usually she would make snippy comments towards the customers or joke around with her fellow employees, but now… Everything was just a blur.

Erinn looked over at her boss, who usually worked alongside everyone else, and piped up. “Hey, Mads, I’m gonna take my lunch break.” Maddie looked over and raised an eyebrow. “Erinn, honey, it’s nearly closing time.” She gestured to the clock. Erinn looked up, and lo and behold, it was nearly 5 PM. “Why don’t you get off early and go home? You’ve been out of it all day. You need a rest.” Maddie smiled gently at the younger woman. Erinn cracked a halfhearted smile back at her and nodded. “Thanks, Mads. You’re the best.” She patted her on the arm as she walked by, clocking out and grabbing her stuff.

Erinn departed the coffeeshop, aptly named Mochas from Mars. Aptly because they made mochas that were out-of-this-world. Erinn shook her head, smiling a little at her own little joke. She perched herself on one of the stools out front for people to sit and sighed. What a beautiful day. Her head seemed to clear a bit from the fresh air, and she smiled, closing her eyes and enjoying the early Spring weather.