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Greetins, my name is Erinn O'Donnell. Ah'm a fairy. Ah don't grant wishes and Ah don't do anything special, Ah just make things grow and sometimes make things change. Got a lot of magic in me but I dunnae how ta use it most a the time. I'm pretty old, yeah, know a lot of stuff. Don't know a lot of stuff too. Nice tae meetcha, anyways. Feel free to drop a message if ya wanna talk ta me.
(Independent RP blog for OC Fairy!Ireland from Hetalia. Will RP with just about anyone. M!A: None)

Erinn sat curled up in a corner of her apartment, facing the wall. She had several blankets wrapped around herself, but she was shivering violently, her eyes wide. Tears streamed down her face as she leaned her head against the wall, sniffling pitifully. She wanted to go home. To her forest. But she couldn’t. She lived here now. Horrible chills and spasms hit her body in waves, and she already broke her wrist from her frantic thrashing and twisting. She cradled her broken wrist to her chest, rocking back and forth. 

Her body hurt. Her head ached. Everything was so blurry. Everything so fake. She felt like she was in a horrible, horrible nightmare. But she knew she wasn’t. All she knew was sadness, sorrow and pain. Sadness, because she missed her Forest. Sorrow, because she knew she couldn’t return. And pain, because she realized no one would come to see if she was okay. She hadn’t been out of her apartment in weeks. And she hadn’t left the corner she was in— in exception to get some water, or go to the bathroom. —In three days. 

She, in short, was having a mental breakdown.

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